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Hong Kong paint brand-「Bauhinia paint」Was established1982Years,Is listed on the Hong Kong yip's chemical group co., LTD(Stock symbol:「Bauhinia paint」With multiple products,Including civil paint an outfit(Wall emulsioni paint、Waterborne wood coatings and oily wood coatings)、Industrial paint(Such as furniture paint、Plastic paint、Heavy industrial paint, etc)And the project。「Bauhinia paint」As for many years「Concentrate on paint、In people with your heart」The spirit of enterprise,Continuously for the Chinese market research and development and production of environmental protection and the excellent performance of coating products。The company has passedISO9001、ISO14000、CNAS、ULSuch as certification,Products are availableCCC、FDACertification,Directly for the customer provide the international recognition of authority certification report。At the same time,「Bauhinia paint」With advanced production technology and scientific management mode,The rapid development in China。 Bauhinia painter's drawing1991Years,Bauhinia paint」With SwedenKlintens ABTechnical cooperation,Take the lead in the introduction of the Nordic polyester lacquer furniture production technology,China's furniture industry on the international stage。With the popularity of fashionable home outfit,「Bauhinia paint」And take the lead to polyester lacquer furniture upgrades,Type into an outfitPUSuit,And gradually integrated into the European painting、American coating process,The water-based wood coatings、Special paint、Introduction of domestic outfit industry functional paint and other products。
  • The rain rainbow waterproof coating(High flexibility)

  • The rain rainbow waterproof coating(Flexibility)

  • The rain rainbow waterproof coating

  • Wan Lei diatom ooze

  • Magnetic seam treasure

  • Super clean environmental protection water-based wood coatings

  • Shuimu tianchengF1Water-based wood coatings

  • The appropriate wood high cover environmental wood white paint

  • Wood appropriate yue soybean oil environmental wood varnish

  • Would you care to TuLiVSmoothPUWood coatings

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        In the first place,The bubble burst,If there is water,The description or behind the moisture infiltration under the coating,Classics sun is basked,Moisture to evaporate into steam,Jacking will put the film into a bubble。At this time,Use sirocco first paint spray gun to remove bubbles,Let the wood natural drying,However…

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        When that happens,First, don't be nervous,To find the reason together,1、The surface is too smooth,If the original paint is a light paint or powder quality,The coating on the surface is not firm;2、May be a rusty spot decayed wood or metal to stick…

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