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Xinxiang blue ocean environment technology co., LTD

The company technical service oriented,Processing and manufacturing of aerobic aeration pool producers,Main business including the aerator Sludge dewatering machine Suction dredge Black liquor extraction machine, etc。 As long as you put forward in the sewage treatment equipment industry the desired result or hope to be able to solve the problem,We always have a solution is worth you to evaluate! The company is acted on“Supply chain competition”The strategic service concept,In order to“Professional dedication,A win-win situation”As the principle to provide customers with quality、Reasonable price products and thoughtful technical services,Do your trustworthy business partner!

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Aerobic pond aerator manufacturer_Aerobic pond aerator manufacturer which is good (Online consultation),Update time:2019-01-05

Aerobic pond aerator manufacturer_Aerobic pond aerator manufacturer which is good (Online consultation)

Aerator product performance introduction high dissolved oxygen unique diffuser design,Make the air inhaled and mud mixed evenly,A bubble small and numerous,The high rate of dissolved oxygen。Oxygen transfer efficiency is as high as30%,Higher than that of the traditional blast aeration35%。Stir fully high-speed rotation、Water、Mud mixture(The activated sludge)Strong penetrating power,Make the oxygen transfer in water with high efficiency,At the same time achieve good mixing effect,Ensures activated sludge mixed evenly,Keep active sludge in suspended state。At the same time,Due to the effect on flow mixing,Improve the utilization rate of the aeration tank volume。

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