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    Agricultural machineryRecommend it

    Why choose LeYuan disc harrow disc plough


    LeYuan disc harrow,Quality guaranteed

    LeYuan machinery according to the actual feedback of customers at home and abroad constantly updated to improve
    The design of the disc harrow,More beautiful and practical products。Factory direct sale,Price concessions。

    LeYuan disc plough,Species richness

    LeYuan machine have many types of disc plough and furrow plough design,
    To satisfy the different countries and user habits of farmland。Factory direct sale,Price concessions。

    Technical professionals,The private ordering

    LeYuan professional processing equipment and strong technical strength
    Accept the incoming sample and to map processing

    A variety of arable land, machinery for your choice


    Company news

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    • MFBend test disc plough
      MFBend test disc plough

      MFPipe bending disc plough is massey ferguson design production of a disc plough,Because of its simple structure,Light weight,Convenient assembly,Loved by African farmers,One of Africa's most popular of a disc plough。

    • Drum lawn mower sent to Brazil
      Drum lawn mower sent to Brazil

      Drum lawn mower is mainly used for mowing,Power source is the triangle to transfer power to the input shaft,And then go to the main shaft,And then through the bevel gear drive drum,Full load under the knife shaft speed can reach1720Turn/Minutes,To have strict request for lawn mower gear and bearing。Grass after harvest,Will stay in between two drums,Facilitate and baling machine directly after。Yucheng city LeYuan mechanical completed Brazil customers200TaiwanDM165AndDM135Lawn mower,And through the customer's test。

    • Channelization ditcher water field
      Channelization ditcher water field

      LeYuan field ditch water machine,The furrow plough structure,Use before sowing seed in the ditch,On both sides of the double ridges divide the fields,Intermediate trench used for drainage。

    • Algeria disc plough
      Algeria disc plough

      The images were yucheng city LeYuan machinery co., LTD2015Years,The production of Algeria disc plough、The packing、And the delivery of products。

    • 5Disc plough test
      5Disc plough test

      The disc plough: The disc plough is connected to the tractor full suspension,Homework plough blade rotation motion,Ploughing up operations on the soil。Don't tie up the grass,No traffic,No harmony soil,Can cut stem crops、Rhizomes,Such as working resistance smaller is better than that of furrow to plough...


    Industry information

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    Yucheng LeYuan machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of disc harrow
    The disc plough manufacturers!

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